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DXY culture communication co., LTD

A semblance great, the shadow of a shade

Established in 2012, DXY is a company providing professional user experience and visual design in digital domain. We focus on website design and development, mobile phone APP design and development, as well as establishment and on-line promotion of the brand. Our professional design and development team provides high quality service. We pay close attention to customers’ brands and try to create maximum commercial value for them. Meanwhile, we also devote ourselves to promoting standards for international website design and UI design.

We try our best and expect to provide newest design on the internet to our customers. DXY will always be in line with newest internet technologies and spare no effort to provide optimal product solutions.

Our Group Company is located in Hong Kong. We will always provide our customers with international level high quality service.

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Why choose Us?

The efficient communication.

Why choose Us?

Focus on the User Experience and Visual Design.

Why choose Us?

Provide professional advice.


Create Asia Group (CAGHK)is Hong Kong's famous cultural industrial organization. Member of Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC).

CAGHK is dedicated in cultural creativity investment and popularization, it's project and production has won not only the attention of many countries like China, France and Japan, but also won many significant international awards.

DXY Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiaries of CAGHK,which is located at TianJin city of China, mainly engaged in internet design services and the developments of related products. CAGHK as the group main corporation, will give DXY Ltd full comprehensive support, as well as the continuance of providing customers with internationalized high-end services.